Is your growth stagnant? Is business lacking consistency, structure or just burning you out?
Finally break through and go further and faster than you ever imagined.

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"Nobody gets into business to work consistent long hours, to be stressed out and feel even more trapped than a job. You want the lifestyle and the opportunity that business can create."


Top executives, rich listers, athletes, high level celebrities, and even government officials know it’s easy for them to slip backwards and start making excuses, which is exactly why they have coaches…These are literally people at the top of their game and they still have why shouldn’t you?
Having a coach means having a competitive edge. An edge that has you three to four steps ahead of others; an edge that gives you inner-strength, confidence, and grit to handle anything in your life. That's what you need to accelerate in life.
It’s time to get out of your own way and finally break through those barriers you’ve held onto for so long so you can experience the success and fulfillment you’ve dreaming of. 



To Driven Business Owner,‍

So you know you want more out of life. You are making strides with business but maybe the balance between personal and business life could be throwing challenges your  way.

People always ask me: 
"Mojo, how can I do it? How can I manage a business, stay healthy, manage a team, maintain a relationship and stay sane”

My answer is always the same!
The truth is it has to start with you.

That may be a slap in the face but the business owners who truly want to make it, who truly have a vision to have the lifestyle they dream of will be open to hearing more. 

Those who aren't open will keep repeating the same mistakes and focus on strategy after strategy and get burnt out, fed up and ultimately parts of their life will fall apart and they be trapped as a result.


Having success in business and life doesn't happen overnight and it isn't easy… but the DRIVEN ONES don’t want it to be easy.

‍And that’s EXACTLY what my elite business coaching is all about.

People always want to think it’s some "magic marketing funnel" or some "secret hiring strategy", or some "ground breaking processes" but it’s really NONE of those things…

In fact, the people who swear it is those things are the same people trying to sell you some bullshit.

That’s not what I’m here to do.

I’m here to show you the REALITY!

I’m here to realign your drive, focus, clarity and enthusiasm on the things you SHOULD be paying attention to and shut down all the bullshit that keeps you distracted, not achieving and unfulfilled. 

I’m here to help you align with your authentic self, raise your standards and get the clarity and winning mindset you need personally and as leader. 

And most of all, I’m here to help you get momentum and results in your business so you can create the ultimate lifestyle you want. 





Business Coaching with Michael Mojo will challenge you to stretch and grow in new ways you’ve never experienced before. Yes, sometimes it won't be comfortable but the upside will be even greater than the discomfort!

Of all the reasons people get coaching the bottom line is CHANGE — and change means growth.
Years of study, thousands of clients and results broken down into the most transformational change.



Discovering and Aligning who you are and who you want to become. Designing your vision, mission and understanding your values to create an unwavering direction.


Setting your standards for life based on what you want. Creating the winning mindset to match so you can step into the newer more fulfilled version of you


Aligning yourself with an empowering community, accountability, consistency and discipline principles to keep you achieving results


Where you get guidance and support to implement proven strategies, tools, and tactics to leverage your business performance.


  • In-Depth, 1-on-1 With Michael Mojo

  • Weekly group business and mindset accountability calls

  • Membership in our elite Business Growth Odyssey Mastermind program
  • Experience our premier success program & event Thrive Time

  • Custom growth plan

  • Network with other high level business owners and leaders

  • Private Elite Members Only Group

  • Access to exclusive membership programs and accountability

  • Custom Fitness & Nutrition plans

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By submitting this form, you agree to receive automated and non-automated promotional and personalised marketing messages from Michael Mojo & Mojo Human Performance Institute.


We can't stress this enough.

So many business owners today are focusing on everything around them and they're not even aligned with themselves.

EVERYTHING we do starts from within yourself.

The truth is... your business will only ever perform as good as you. So if you aren't performing at your best, letting things slip or just burnt out and stressed - that will translate to your business too.

This is how business coaching with Michael Mojo differs to every other business coach and business mastermind on the market.


We heavily focus on you to get you performing so we can translate that into your business performance also. 

What is the point of having a business if you don't benefit and feel great as well?

So if you’re ready to kill your excuses and step into the business and lifestyle you truly desire then fill out the form below apply now.

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Don’t be that person who blames everyone and everything around them when things go wrong or you make mistakes. The reality is if you weren't part of the problem you wouldn't have the problem to begin with. It may be a harsh reality but when we take personal responsibility...the game changes! 


“The question isn't how or what do you need to do. But who do you need to become.”


Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What we are here to do is not only help you acquire the mindset, skills & knowledge to raise your standards and get results, but we'll hold you accountable to those standards.


Your actions and results will only be as good as your thoughts and mind.


You’ll identify action steps and thought processes through coaching that you never would have thought of. That's the beauty of a coach...they see what you can't! Don't you notice that it's always easier to see things in others than yourself?
Elite Business Coaching is a 1 on 1 and group experience that gives you support, guidance, accountability and direction.
It's a fully immersive experience tackling every angle to get you results personally and professionally.

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Working with Michael Mojo is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Your friends, family and loved ones care about you but they won't tell you the truth like Michael.

They can’t offer the kind of proven guidance, support and accountability consistently that Michael and his business programs will personally give you to accelerate your success personally and professionally. If you can’t seem to do it by yourself, or you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck…

Then this is your sign to step outside what you know and challenge yourself

As humans we ALL have an innate NEED to learn and grow. The fact that you’re even reading this right now is a sign that your inner-self is seeking growth. That is the REAL YOU! People who have stopped learning and growing in life usually feel empty and miserable.
Learning and growth are among the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences available to us! Michael is a huge believer in “life-long learning” and prides himself in being a student of life by tapping into his mind, conscious & NEVER swaying from his vision. Michael attracts clients that love to learn and grow and want to be more than average —in every area!
A large reason why people don't get coaches as they see it as sign of weakness or like "I don't want to admit that something is wrong or I feel a certain way."

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It shows a willingness to learn, to be adaptable to change.


Don't be like most people and ignore the signs of needed change only make a change when it's too late.

Regaining momentum is easier from halfway down the mountain rather than from the pit of despair!

So how do we really help you break through in business and life? Easy!


Will you learn tools, tactics & strategies? Yes.

If you're struggling in your business, chances are it's one of two things:

You're either doing something you SHOULDN'T be doing (because you saw someone else doing it so it must be working, right? WRONG.)...


You're NOT doing enough of something but have tricked yourself into "feeling" busy, productive or that everything isn't that bad.

And that's where Michael comes in.

He helps you avoid wasting TIME and EFFORT on doing the WRONG STUFF and helps you ALIGN and FOCUS on doing the RIGHT SHIT. SIMPLE!!!

PLUS Get your head right so you can get the most out of life and bust through any challenge that may come your way.

If you're still on the fence, just keep scrolling and watch some REAL testimonials from REAL CLIENTS who CRUSH it...




If you don’t act today… then when?

Let’s face it:

You put off important things that you know you need to do, and if you don’t act right now, it’s not going to happen.
Your life and business is likely going to stay the same way it’s been until you take a bold move and do something for you for a change.
The feelings of knowing you could be doing better, not reaching your full potential, not growing your business to the level it could reach and living below what you are truly capable of has been on your mind for too long.

Michael has been there, and it’s no way to live. Take the chance on YOU!

Let's make it happen!

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